About The Workshop

Waves are omnipresent in nature. Some of them are visible while presence of others can be felt by their effects on the surrounding medium. Though some waves are small in amplitude diminishing after some time and distance, yet some of them, for example Tsunami wave, having height as long as 100ft shows permanence. Theory of nonlinear waves is a subject of multidisciplinary research. It finds its applications in different fields, such as, nonlinear optics, hydrodynamics, plasmas, biological systems etc. The development of applied Mathematics paved the way for better understanding of nonlinear waves. The objective of this workshop is to acquaint the students and researchers with the development of analytical and numerical techniques in this subject.

Topics to be covered:

  • i. Integrable systems
  • ii. Perturbation theory
  • iii. Nonlinear waves in plasmas and other dispersive systems
  • iv. Elements of differential equations
  • v. Simulations